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    global battle against the pandemic. Xi said the Chinese side had already provi〓ded the Turkish side with some anti-epidemic sue

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    pplies and arranged exchanges between me〓dical and health experts of the two countries through video-link to share theib

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r experie〓nce in COVID-19 fight. Xi said China will continue to support Turkey in its fight again〓st the COVID-19 epidemic in line with its needs, and assist in and facilitate its purch〓ase of medical supplies in China. He also expressed his belief that F

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under the leadershi〓p of Erdogan, Turkey will surely overcome the epidemic. Virus knows no borders or races〓, Xi stressed, adding that only with joint efforts can the international community prev〓ail over the disease. China and Turkey shoulM

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d cooperate with each other closely and str〓engthen coordination to implement the consensus reached at the Extraordinary G20 Leader〓s' Summit, so as to make joint contributions to international cooperation against the p〓andemic, he said. Xi added thE